Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's All About The Sounds

It's been a long time since my last blog update, given that I'm busy with school and other stuff that I forgot the blogging and now since blogging will be part of my Major subject, it's a cue for me and now I'm back, 

This day my topic or the topic my teacher wants us to blog is the importance, roles and significance of sound studio in animation Production Pipeline. Well, mainly sound is a must or a necessary to the Animation industry because it bring color or life to the animation and it's well of an interaction to the viewers, I mean c'mon would you enjoy a great animation film, given that the animation is great and well made but the sound isn't present, It would be boring and dull and the viewers will not feel the movie great and they'll just hiss and sigh as the movies plays on. It's common sense why we need sound and that's to put the animation to life. Sounds have roles, given you have a character, sound helps the character to have life in it's every movements,talks and everything  it does the sound will have a big effect on it. It's significance is mainly bringing the story to life and for easy interactions with the viewers or audience. Therefore, it is a fact that animation and sounds should be attached to each other and make the viewers feel comfortable, happy and satisfied.

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